5 Steps to Recover from Anxiety by Yourself

Here there, congratulations for having reached the first step to recovery from those random anxiety attacks, and that is acceptance. Truly, it is very hard and sometimes way too out of control for one’s own good. But hey, you got it.

Dealing with stress and anxiety is very tiring and draining for health. There is no easy way out, all have to go through this firewalk, to heal and grow and take the lease of life in both hands all over again! Don’t look the other way, encouraging your stress and thriving on anxiety does no good. It is harmful and one needs to reach professionals to get some guidance on how to control the palpitations and the immensely excruciating pain. Most of the people in this world are prey to these two evils.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

Given the situation of humanity, there are very few instances to hold on to for good. Starting from our environment, to economy, health infrastructure, happiness index- everything is getting ruined. In such a scenario, where almost everything is up for a question of the future, stress is a common devil. So is anxiety. They start from minute instances, accumulate inside and then suddenly burst out. One can control this if the attacks are minor or when the major ones are subsiding. Read on to this blog to know what helps.

Take Care of Self, Gain Control

There are a few things you can do when you want to control your anxiety attacks and try to recover from it fast. They are,

  1. Taste something, anything – Move your tongue and try to taste something inside your mouth, and you can also touch your teeth with your tongue.
  2. Try to look at something and note the color – Look at one object placed around you and note the color and structure of the object. Note it.
  3. Try to hear some sound – There must be a source of sound around you. If not, try to make a sound with your fingers like a snap or a thud.
  4. Breathe deeply and try to smell something – Take deep and heavy breaths. Start slowly and as per your convenience, but then slow down, and let your heartbeat regain the normal beating rate. You can also smell your hair or something that is emitting a smell of any sort to trigger senses.
  5. Feel your fingers and your skin – Try to revive the sensations on your skin. Pinch yourself, clench your fists or touch your face. These can help.

Continue repeating these steps until you calm down. Do it one after another and do not stop even if there is an insane urge to throw everything away and break again. Take deep breaths. These steps revive the sense organs and hence, help you get back to a calm and stable state. Dealing with stress and anxiety is a long and slow process. It takes time to hold on to it. Do not give up. Reach one of the best healing and teaching centres, where you can find your good old self back. You can get one free counselling session and then you can book appointment sessions to break free from all your problems!