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Career Growth Healing

As a distinguished Reiki healing clinic in Kolkata, we, at The Rainbow Miracle, conduct life-turning career growth healing Reiki sessions to transmit in you divine career success energy. Specializing in the healing powers of Reiki, we focus on healing for financial abundance to improve your business and career prospects. Here, we aim to transform your life by channelizing positive spiritual energy within you and get rid of negative blockages through 7 chakra balance treatment that’s specifically aimed to improve your growth charts related to career and business. You can take assistance of our money reiki course online as well to build a solid career to pave the path of success and financial bliss.

Money Reiki Facts


Heals your own energies

Your current disposition has a lot to do with your business or career. So, our career growth healing strategy can cleanse your internal energy and your aura to clear energy barriers within your system. As soon as this miraculous healing procedure makes you free from limiting beliefs and tremendous stress with regards to your career, you’ll start to attract positive energy. This will, in turn, heal your inner self to lead you to success and prosperity in your business or career.

Removes fears and strengthens confidence to freely pursue your passions

Are you hesitant about chasing your dream job? Then, our uplifting all chakra activation that’s particularly executed to fulfil your career or business goals can remove your fears and stresses. This self-healing method is efficient in helping you resume clarity and spiritual development to level up the energy and confidence you need to take each step forward to pursue your passions. This makes our Reiki career growth healing procedure an effective means to guide you on the right career path so that you can do what you love to do without any regrets.

Opens up new career opportunities

Wish to pursue a stable career? Want to opt for a job change? Whatever career-related concerns you may be experiencing, our powerful career growth healing steps can nurture positive energy within you and overshadow your lack of motivation or sense of failure to open the gateway to interesting career pursuits. It will surprise you how quickly you’ll be receiving job offers after you’re through with our energy healing initiative to make your career objectives clear and your dream career a reality.

Heals difficult work-related situations

We carry out Reiki career growth healing to help heal all that’s preventing you from having a steady career. Right from handling your work issues with clients and office staffs to solving tough situations at your workplace, energy-boosting through Reiki can induce situational healing to bring peace in your work life. You’ll be amazed how quickly this recuperative healing technique removes your professional hazards or obstacles to enable you to overcome your career hurdles as well as improve your career graph.

Money Reiki Facts

Career growth healing facts

  • Mikao Usui developed Reiki technique in 1922 which is now popularly used for career growth healing.
  • Reiki career growth healing has been proven to balance the minds and emotions of individuals to show them the clues to building a successful new career.
  • Reiki healing for career achievement is a profound method for reducing stress to be able to envision your dream job and preferred work environment.
  • Reiki has been practised for 2500 years or so to ensure spiritual growth which ultimately makes you aligned with your life’s purpose which is an excellent goal for a new career.
  • The spiritual boost that Reiki career healing provides automatically leads to material gain without your being conscious about it.
  • Reiki can positively energize your business brochures, advertisements and campaigns to attract many favorable clients, proposals and deals for you to emerge successful in your business line.
Money Reiki Facts

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Money Reiki Facts



  1. Reiki treatment is efficient in helping you resume clarity to level up the energy and confidence you need to take each step forward to pursue your passions.

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