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Money Reiki Facts

Money Reiki/Financial Abundance Healing

Being a part of a recognized energy healing and teaching clinic in Kolkata, we, at The Rainbow Miracle conduct effective Reiki healing for financial abundance to open up your gateway to fortune, success and prosperity. We are committed to offering life-changing money Reiki sessions by channeling universal life force within you to clear your financial blocks. Whether it’s through healing stones for financial abundance, Ganesha money reiki symbol or other divine energy-boosting means, we transmit positive energy into you to clear obstacles or blockages in your energy centers to remove that negative energy which is holding you back from meeting your financial goals. You can avail our money reiki course online at pocket-friendly prices to improve your financial conditions and get access to new opportunities to unlock the doors to abundance.

Money Reiki Facts


Improves your relationship with money reiki

Money is basically energy and is similarly spiritual like every other aspect of the universe. Our money reiki pdf, money reiki book pdf, money reiki grandmaster pdf and other sources for Reiki practicing guidance can help you view money as something you deserve in your life. We provide money reiki in hindi sessions as well as money reiki pdf in hindi to help you energetically sense and realize that money is something positive which you want. Such a belief will help to align you with the flow of abundance.

Acts as a magnet to empower your goals

We specialize in mystic money reiki music and money reiki candle methods to offer you clarity about your financial goals and expectations. Our well-planned money reiki healing techniques succeed in illuminating on your saving and expenditure to allow the energy of money to flow freely through you to make your dreams a reality. By minimal charging money for reiki, we focus on strengthening your vision to put you in a positive state of being that ensures a smooth business flow or easy access to your dream job to make you financially secure, confident and empowered.

Transforms your way of thinking

Going through our money reiki manual pdf will make your heart open and teach you to appreciate what you have in your life currently. Both our money reiki level 1 and money reiki level 2 pdf will put you in a receptive mode to enable you to attract more. If you feel grateful and offer thanks to the universe for whatever money or valuable thing you receive, it will level up your energy vibration and widely open the doorway for more wealth and abundance to enter your life.

Helps you nurture new and healthy financial habits

One of our main purposes for implementing Reiki healing for financial abundance is to blossom new ideas and inspiration within you to attract more riches and save more too. Our uplifting money reiki course online can energetically support you to create a new and healthy financial plan that’s entirely free from previously blocked energy patterns. We perform Reiki for financial bliss to grant you that magical energetic boost that can help you stick to your financial plans without being swayed by impulsive decisions. This makes it a reliable meditative tool to include in your life to receive the spiritual power to attract greater profits.

Money Reiki Facts

Money Reiki facts

  • There are 7 symbols in money reiki that can be used in any situation of your life.
  • This branch of reiki was discovered by Stephanie Brail in a state of meditation.
  • Money Reiki can eliminate your negative views about money.
  • This sort of therapy is proven to take you a step closer to achieving your financial goals.
  • Money Reiki has been adopted by renowned personalities to increase their money vibration and establish themselves as money magnets.
  • This energy healing technique is the key to improving your financial health.
Money Reiki Facts

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Money Reiki Facts


There are 7 levels in money Reiki.

Stephanie Brail invented Money Reiki.

After money reiki you don’t feel anxious about making money decisions, stress about financial decisions, you will have regarding financial position.

Yes, makes you feel peace and will not have stress about financial position. You will feel energetic in reaching money goals.


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