Reiki for Mental Health

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem through Energy Healing

Have you ever watched or heard speeches by effective leaders? Because of their charisma and self-assurance, we have all been in awe of them at some point in our lives. A strong sense of confidence and self-worth is essential for success. However, we frequently fail to develop these traits, which take us in the wrong direction.
This negativity might also bring on other problems like anxiety and sadness. Thus, choosing energy healing for depression is the best course of action in this case.

Energy is neither created nor demolished; it can only be transformed from one person to another. Hence, energy healing is the most influential method of healing when it comes to boosting your confidence or self-esteem. There are various energy healing methods that can help you do so. What are those? Well, this article will explain each of them in detail. So, let’s start the topic. Shall we?

Different Energy Healing Methods for Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

Chakra balancing

Do you know that human has seven chakras that reside in their body? Each chakra represents energy centers that are present in our body. Also, each is associated with one another, and if any of them is imbalanced, it can affect emotional well-being. Energy healers often work to balance these chakras through different methods.

REIKI healing

REIKI is an ancient and successful Japanese healing method that sends good energy into the recipient’s body to ease tension, encourage deep relaxation, and speed up healing. By correcting energetic imbalances inside the body, REIKI sessions can help people feel more focused, grounded, and confident in their capacity to conquer any problems that come their way. However, finding genuine REIKI healers in India is difficult. Thankfully, Sanjukta Banerjee, an experienced and renowned REIKI healer, can help you boost your confidence.


Your subconscious mind can be retrained to substitute positive, uplifting thoughts for negative self-talk by repeating powerful phrases called affirmations. Your self-esteem will soar as soon as you begin incorporating affirmations into your daily practice. You’ll also feel more secure and confident in every aspect of your life.

Crystal healing

Many do not know that crystals are another powerful energy-healing process that boosts energy and self-esteem. Crystals possess exotic energetic properties that can influence the body’s energy field. Utilizing these crystals in energy healing can significantly enhance feelings of empowerment, self-love, and confidence.

Sound healing

The efficacy of sound therapy cannot be disputed. Using sound bowls, chanting, or drumming, this exercise can help you achieve energy field balance, promote relaxation, and enhance your overall health. Moreover, sound waves have a profound impact on your emotions and self-worth. Thus, sound therapy is something you should think about if you’re looking for a secure, natural way to uplift your mental and emotional well-being.

These are some of the energy healing methods that help you boost your confidence and self-esteem. Also, suppose you encounter any other mental issues like depression or anxiety. In that case, energy healing for anxiety and depression is the best solution as it helps identify the root issue so that you can cure it fully.