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Can REIKI be used in a negative way?

REIKI therapy is an incredibly hypnotic modality that can cure both the body and the mind. Through touch, good energy is channeled into the clients, triggering the body’s own healing process and restoring physical and emotional well-being. If you’re facing any psychological or medical problems right now, REIKI Healing in India can be the best option for you.

With the help of REIKI healing, people can overcome physical, mental, and emotional issues. Also, it helps in restoring balance to the whole body. REIKI can assist you in discovering the root causes of your problems and point you toward a resolution. REIKI treats external issues by treating their underlying causes.

REIKI Grand Master Sanjukta Banerjee is the only person you need to look for if you’re looking for a seasoned and well-known REIKI healer. She is the ideal individual to assist you in achieving significant recovery and constructive change.

REIKI healing does not have any downside, but there are certain situations where REIKI should not be performed as it can be harmful. In this article, we understand whether one can use REIKI in a negative way or not. So, let’s start the topic.

REIKI as a Negative Way

People do not talk about the dark side of spiritual healing as they are unaware of it, or else they are not comfortable speaking about it. However, REIKI can be used negatively if it is not performed correctly.

Not properly trained practitioner

To protect themselves and their customers, REIKI practitioners must complete appropriate training and thoroughly understand REIKI concepts. Practitioners may inadvertently inflict pain or suffering during sessions if they lack sufficient understanding of energetic boundaries and ethical behavior, which could result in unpleasant experiences. For this reason, giving education and training top priority is crucial to offering safe and efficient REIKI treatments.


While REIKI can be a helpful adjunct to conventional medical care, serious medical illnesses should always be treated by a physician rather than by REIKI alone. To guarantee the greatest possible outcome for your health, keeping a balanced perspective and using REIKI as a complementary practice rather than as a replacement for expert medical care is critical.

Any false promises

It is crucial to be aware that some people might exaggerate or make false claims about the benefits of REIKI or use it to exploit weaker people to obtain financial advantage. Therefore, people who rely on such assurances could feel let down or disillusioned if their expectations aren’t fulfilled. Financial exploitation can also have a serious negative impact on people. As such, it’s crucial to approach any REIKI practice with discernment and critical thinking and to look for reliable and trustworthy practitioners.

Changes in digestion

After receiving REIKI therapy, digestive disturbances such as burping, increased gas, or increased urine are possible. This occurs because changes in your body and mind have a profound, immediate effect on your physical body and, although temporary, create systemic alterations.

REIKI is unable to understand machines or people

REIKI should never be applied directly over a pacemaker. REIKI does not distinguish between human beings and machines. If the energy attempted to balance the pacemaker’s energy with that of the body, there could be deadly repercussions. REIKI can be given above and below the pacemaker, though not directly above it.
REIKI can be misused if it is not properly practiced by practitioners. That is why if you want to overcome any emotional issues with the help of REIKI masters in India, you should ensure that they have experience and proper certification in this field.