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Crystals that Protects Aura

Have you ever noticed that when you’re around positive people, you feel uplifted, but when you’re around frustrated, anxious, or depressed people, you feel drained? Negative energy can sap our positivity, which is why it’s essential to protect our aura. If we don’t, our positive energy can become harmful and attract more negativity. So if you don’t want that, then visit the best reiki healer in India for some permanent solution to it.

What is aura, you may ask? The aura, which envelops the physical body in a protective zone that stretches up to 50 cm around it, is a faint diamagnetic “layer.” It includes details regarding the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of an individual.

If you want to protect your aura, then crystals can help in such a situation. Crystals are the only tool that helps us feel associated with our mind, soul, earth, and body. In this article, we will be elaborating on the different types of crystals that help to protect your aura.

Different Types of Crystals

Black Tourmaline

Due to its ability to surround an individual in a protective shield, black tourmaline is also called the ultimate protection stone. It offers protection on all fronts mental, emotional, energy, and physical. It is possible to both absorb and eliminate lousy energy with this potent gem. One of the few gems that can resist negative energy and return it to its source is black tourmaline. When you’re going through a challenging time in your life or are immersed in an unfavorable atmosphere, this extremely protective crystal can be quite helpful. Black tourmaline gives you a sense of security and stability, which can help you meet your necessities.


Amethyst is regarded as one of the most, if not the most, emotion-centered aura protection gems because of its balancing properties. You can manage most of your life’s emotionally taxing circumstances with the aid of this stone. Amethyst can be used to shield your aura, allowing you to lessen these instances effectively. But if you want to know more about this crystal, then Best Online Reiki Healer India can provide you with the information.


It’s possible that several black crystals made this list; that’s deliberate. Similar to how black absorbs all hues, obsidian absorbs negative energy. Obsidian, essentially melted lava in the form of volcanic glass, helps absorb negative energies and weights and harmful vibrations. This stone needs to be cleansed frequently because it is constantly soaking up the bad energy in your environment.


The Amethyst stone, incredibly peaceful in its delicate purple tones, is renowned for giving you inner strength, lovely healing energy, and the ability to create a shield that keeps you standing in the light and love. Due to its extremely high vibrations, amethyst can repel psychic attacks with ease.

These are some of the crystals which help you to protect your aura from the negative energy. So, use them at your convenience to get the maximum benefit out of it.