How REIKI is different from Astrology and Tarot Card Reading.

How REIKI is different from Astrology and Tarot Card Reading

Astrology and Tarot Card Reading gives us Predictions, but REIKI gives Solutions along with Predictions.

PREDICTION & SOLUTION together makes REIKI the best!

When Tarot & Astrology focuses on reading your future,

Reiki not only predicts your future but also aims at healing your PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE.


After analysing and predicting your problems, Reiki directly comes to the solution to help the individual mend his/her broken pieces soon enough.

YOU are like a raw diamond. YOU need to go through lots of polishing for attaining your BEST SELF.

However, you do not have to be physically present to reap the benefits of this organic process.

The healer & the receiver can be miles away. Still, the receiver will be feeling the changes organically.

Most importantly, Reiki identifies your individual problems. Instead of providing solutions as a whole, it gives specific solutions for specific problems for obtaining effective results.

No Wastage of TIME & Immediate Prediction & Faster Action!

How is REIKI different from Tarot or Astrology?

✓ Focuses on self-development

✓ Predicts and works on healing instantly

✓ Improves your mental health; Anxiety, Depression & Stress

✓ Distance healing at any time from anywhere

✓ From kids & adults to aged people, everyone can be benefitted from Reiki

✓ Growth in career

✓ Increase in personal finances

✓ Improves your personal and professional relationships

✓ Makes you happier & healthier

✓ Better physical health