Healing after Trauma: REIKI as a Gentle Approach to Recovery

In our lives, we once faced some traumatic incidents that changed our lives. Some people become strong after that incident, but some get lifelong traumas. Dealing with trauma is the worst experience that one can ever encounter. So, how can you overcome your trauma? Have you heard of the most effective and ancient healing method, which is known as REIKI healing? You can overcome your trauma through this healing method. Reduce Stress via Distance Reiki is an effective method for managing trauma. It is a highly effective way to reduce stress, and the best part is that you don’t have to attend the sessions physically.

Within the context of REIKI, trauma can take many different forms. Trauma can be mental, causing feelings of loss, sadness, or panic. It can also be physical, like a broken bone or scar. These experiences hurt the body and mind. Now, let’s discuss how REIKI helps you to deal with the trauma that creates a huge burden in your life.

Healing After Trauma through REIKI

Enhance deep relaxation:

REIKI promotes deep relaxation and efficiently reduces tension. It skillfully creates a feeling of calmness from the outside, reminding the body of its inherent capacity for tranquility. This helps you stay calm whenever the trauma triggers you or makes you anxious. Thus, you can lead a peaceful life.

Helps in making a connection with the event:

When storing trauma at the cellular level, our body is a marvel. The symptoms of trauma, like worry, sadness, stiff neck and shoulders, weariness, or insomnia, often draw people in. Helping them link the symptoms to the event is often the first step in recovery. REIKI can aid in this process by creating an opening in the heart and restoring the person’s ability to feel. But if you want to go through the process, find the best healer. Sanjukta Banerjee is there to guide you on the right path. She is the most experienced REIKI healer who deals with clients and helps them overcome situations.

Release any blockages:

Four levels are affected by REIKI: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It frees trapped, blocked, and stagnant energy. This allows pure, healthy, and uplifting energy to flow instead. This starts and speeds recovery. After a trauma, low-vibration energy stays in the region. This energy restricts energy flow. It helps to heal trauma. The balanced energy flow can be opened and reset using REIKI. Also, if you are dealing with depression, then you can opt for the REIKI healing session. Reiki Healing for Depression is the best option in this case.

Overcome stress and anxiety:

Survivors of trauma often experience high levels of stress and anxiety. By encouraging a profound sense of peace and serenity and promoting deep relaxation, REIKI is a useful technique for easing these symptoms.

Supports the self-healing:

REIKI boldly stimulates the body’s healing processes, enabling people to participate actively in their recovery. Through the practice of self-awareness and self-care, REIKI helps people regain their sense of agency and control over their lives.

REIKI is a priceless adjunct to conventional treatment and other healing methods on the path to trauma recovery. Its focus on comprehensive well-being and gentle yet effective methodology make it accessible to people at different phases of their healing journey.


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