Stress Leads to IBS, How to Cure IBS?

Who doesn’t suffer from digestive disorders? Almost half of the population have some digestion problem that is affecting their day-to-day life. Around 35% to 70% of people had suffered from mild or intense digestion issues. More women are affected compared to men and the numbers are gradually growing.

how to cure ibs

You thought that the digestion issue may be connected to your diet or irregular eating habits. You may have changed your diet as well but it’s still not working?

Have you ever considered that stress can be one of the many reasons behind your mysterious digestive disorders?

How does stress affect your digestive system?

According to a recent study published by Harvard, researchers confirm that there is a strong connection between gut and brain. Since the entire system is highly sensitive, your moods can affect the digestive system.

Not to go into too many details but here is a brief explanation. When your brain feels tired or stressed, it releases hormones that disrupt the digestive system. For example, your brain generates CRH during stressful situations. CRH is known for affecting your appetite. Besides, the steroids that CRH generates trigger impulse eating.

Do you eat food like chips, ice cream, chocolate, or finger foods when stressed? It is because of the steroids rushing into your system during stress. This is called stress eating which is medically recognized. In fact, stress eating is the main reason behind upsetting your digestive system. It may even lead to obesity.

  • As of 2020, 74% of Indians suffer from stress alone
  • 88% are affected by severe anxiety

 The causes of stress can be many;

  • personal problems
  • professional problems
  • family
  • money
  • kids
  • education
  • career
  • conflicts
  • and many different reasons

A high percentage of the population reported that they suffer from acute gastrointestinal pain when they are stressed out.


Identifying stress as the main cause; How to do so?

But how will you understand that if you are digestive issues are a result of stress or other medical problems?

Taking medical advice is always recommended. However, you can start by making simple observations.

  • Start with tracking your eating pattern. More food consumption than usual during stress will make it all clear
  • Check if your stomach gets upset during or soon after you were stressed
  • Indigestion, heartburn and other digestive system related issues occur when you are undergoing a stress period.

People fail to realise how critical it may get if not treated in due time. Ulcer, colitis, a non-functional digestive system, and irregular bowel system are amongst the most common diseases that happen as a prolonged effect of stress.

You may have heard the phrase, “Your body is your temple”.

So, treat it like one.

Nowadays, many medical facilities are there to help you cope with stress and anxiety. You may also choose therapy sessions for letting out your frustrations. This is highly recommended for people who hold things back and doesn’t speak out.

But we recommend you choose a natural way to get out of stress. Japanese always trust the process of Reiki healing. Reiki has helped them to ease their mind, unblock their stress knots and bring back to their content self.

Having professional healing practitioners, The Rainbow Miracle is on a mission to uproot stress naturally. Being an expert in this field, we are present globally. We believe that power lies in a human soul and we help to awaken the power. Your body has self-healing properties and The Rainbow Miracle helps you to get free from that stress and anxiety that has made your life difficult.

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