How To Do A Basic Tarot Reading For Yourself Or A Friend?

Want to read tarot cards to know what lies ahead? Wish to help out your friend going through relationship problems? In need of finding the not-so-good thing leading to a ruckus on the job front? Whether it’s for yourself or for someone close to you, knowing how to read tarot cards can be an overwhelming means to utilize this for receiving and interpreting messages from within the depths of our minds to the universe. For best results, make sure to connect with an experienced tarot reader in India to have a know-how of prophetic predictions about various spheres in your life.

 tarot reading for yourself or a friend

Essential rules to practice tarot reading without blind memorization


Imbibe your energy into the cards

Before you pull out the cards, you should spend a few moments with your tarot deck to inject your energy into it. One of the famous tarot card readers suggests that you should shuffle the cards nicely while thinking about your name and date of birth or saying them out loud. You may also place the cards under your pillow during the night to attach yourself to them intimately.

Study the evolution of cards

Before you start with the process of reading tarot cards, it can be helpful for you to understand the traditional meanings associated with the cards to widen your wisdom. This intuitive interpretation will allow you to be connected to your own inner voice and collective consciousness so that you can balance the two to make accurate revelations about areas in your life or that of a dear friend.


Useful 5 step guide for reading your very own tarot cards


Comprehend the major and minor arcana carefully

You must be knowing that the tarot deck is divided into two sections, namely the major arcana and the minor arcana. There are specifically 22 major arcana cards, each of which stands for significant life themes and portrays powerful symbols that can provide you hints about their meaningful essence. For instance, the sun card evokes feelings of abundance and radiance while the hermit represents spending alone time. And the fun part is that you can clearly understand these meanings without knowing about any card’s particular background.

The minor arcana focuses on the mundane themes of life. Just like your usual deck of playing cards, you’ll find here four suits with each having an ace through 10 cards along with four pieces of queen, king, page, and knight court cards. A trick for learning the minor arcana is by spreading the cards and seeing the numerical sequencing as a journey. You can easily get creative and form a fictional story with each numerical card depicting a certain event in the journey. Try to grasp the theme of every suit as they speak about feelings, emotions, and relationships. While swords echo thoughts and communication, pentacles represent worldly issues like health and money and wands symbolize creativity.

Take out a card

After the tarot deck is infused with your vibrations and you’ve obtained general knowledge of their flow, it’s time for pulling a card. Are you a tarot newbie? Then, we recommend that you pull a single card in the beginning. Simply lay down the cards and hover your hands over them and when you sense a kind of electric spark flowing through your finger, opt for that card.

Be vocal about the story that pictorial card tells

Analyze what you notice in the card and observe its symbols. Ask questions to yourself. Who are there on the card and what can they be doing? What are the portrayed characters feeling? Remember that the picture in each card has a story to tell and these stories have meanings. Once you’ve interpreted the imagery, you have to ask in what way is this story relatable to your life or that of your friend and if there is any hidden meaning behind it.

Give attention to intuitive clues

The next crucial step is to focus on your intuition and get in tune with what message the card conveys to you based on its striking symbols and images and the story it tells. Are you experiencing any emotions popping up? What you’ll feel or think at first is the right one, no doubt! In case you get stuck, proceed by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Describe everything you see after opening your eyes. Your intuition is bound to kick in and soon, you’ll be able to narrate the deeper meaning behind the card that you picked for yourself or for your pal.

Have trust in yourself

As the art of tarot reading is all about reclaiming your inner power and rediscovering the answers you’re seeking within, it’s important that you trust yourself always. Everyone is intuitive. So, with a little practice, you’ll surely be able to perform accurate personal readings.

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