The Power of Mindfulness Healing in Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

According to recent research, almost 80 per cent of the people in the world are suffering from stress and anxiety. The suffocation and the heaviness that seems to be eternal when you are going through such a situation. The power of making your life better rests in you. All you need to do is strengthen your mind and soul so that you can tackle every crisis that befalls you.

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Sometimes you feel the walls are closing in on you, or feel as if you are a paperweight on the bed. The gloomy mood and the negative outlook on life that comes along with excessive stress and anxiety are sometimes very bothering. No matter how much you seek therapy and go for counselling sessions, the only person who will be able to help you is yourself. There have been many instances and interviews that prove mindfulness, training your mind in a positive light and intriguing as well as instigating it in the most productive ways helps you deal with stress, anxiety, depression, disorders, and compulsions alike. When you approach an institute with an experienced Reiki grandmaster at the helm, you should opt for a course in Reiki healing.

The benefits of mindfulness are

  1. You can really keep your mind in shape
  2. Boosts health and makes you feel awesome
  3. Improves all over the well-being

Techniques of mindfulness

Slow down, take a breath, observe and proceed. These are the main steps that can help you initiate the basic stages of mindfulness. ‘STOP’.

  1. Basic meditation enhancing mindfulness – Practice meditations that help you calm your mind and channelize the energy in positive and productive ways.
  2. Body sensations – Notice all the sensations that your body is going through, you can also do it externally.
  3. Emotions – Allow yourself to be open to all emotions without judgment.
  4. Sensory – Trigger your sensory organs and instigate their usage.
  5. Urge surfing – Cope with the urges (addictive and abusive) you are having and try to control them.

How does mindfulness help manage stress and anxiety?

  1. Paying attention to the present moment, focusing on the moment, and calmly handling situations.
  2. Having an open and inclusive attitude provides you relief from the blockages inside of you.
  3. It brings to you the opportunity to explore new relationships
  4. The response to threats and regulating emotions becomes less frightening
  5. It imbibes mental strength in you and thus helps in bringing about your overall well-being
  6. When your mental health is in the right shape, then physical health cannot be left far behind.

If you are plagued with anxiety issues and looking for the best ways to cope with stress, you must consult a Reiki grandmaster, seek help and try to come to -terms with the problems in your life. Practice mindfulness and look for spiritual well-being to lead a good and lively life. It is important to feel joy and sorrow both… but everything passes, so hold on!