The Power of Reiki: The Change is About to egin in INDIA

Our body is our temple, if you handle it with care, you can witness a harmonious correlation amongst all the elements of your body. But our modern lifestyle has forced us to be ignorant towards the needs of our body and soul. We are constantly living under pressure. 

According to the recent reports released by WHO in September 2021, around 280 million people globally suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and stress. These have become so common that even the younger generation is getting highly affected. It is recorded that almost 700,000 people have committed suicide due to this mental agony. There are many clinically-approved antidepressants but these medications have high side effects.

Power of Reiki

Isn’t there any other alternative? 

Yes, there is also a natural way for dealing with stress management, financial management, career problems, relationship issues, etc that hardly anyone talks about, especially in India. Reiki Healing is a well-preserved organic form of healing that can solve any given problem without being invasive.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing is in practice for centuries. As a matter of fact, it is a Japanese way of energy healing that will help you to break free from the emotional, mental, financial, relationship, career and physical struggles of your life. It is believed that any sort of physical problems, mental agony, emotional burden and other related problems occur mainly due to energy blocks. Reiki focuses on balancing the energies that ultimately improves the receiver’s self-healing capabilities. Reiki naturally heals and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. Only the best Reiki healer can soothe you and direct you towards a happier lifestyle. However, Reiki healing is not only about stress or anxiety but also helps in relationships, money management, career, etc.

Apart from the common process where Reiki practitioners heal you through the gentle touch of their palms, distance Reiki healing is also popular nowadays. Distance reiki healing has gained prominence in this busy modern lifestyle. Moreover, the healer and the recipient can be miles away from each other but still, the recipient can witness a positive change. 

Benefits of Reiki:

  1. Relieves from stress, anxiety & depression
  2. Naturally heals your physical pain or illness
  3. Develops natural healing capabilities 
  4. Focused on life
  5. Career growth
  6. Cures complicated health problems
  7. Solves relationship issues
  8. Improves financial conditions
  9. Happier lifestyle
  10. Full body cleansing- No toxins at all

The scope of healing is vast, you can come with any problem and the solution will be Reiki healing.

How developed countries like US & UK respond to Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing has got worldwide acceptance. In US & UK, there are many Reiki healing centres for the overall growth of individuals. Even other wellness practitioners suggest depression management sessions to their patients. A survey conducted in the USA by the National Institutes of Health showed that around 1.2 million adults plus 161,000 children were healed due to energy healing. For stability in financial, health, relationship, emotional and all other sections in life, Reiki is becoming the choice of many. With every passing day, the citizens of these countries are switching to this healing technique.

Future of Reiki Healing in India:

Now, Reiki Healing is an unexplored subject in India. 75% of the population in low- or middle-income countries like India receive no treatment for stress, anxiety and depression. Besides, financial hassles, conflicts amongst partners, obstacles in career path, imbalanced lifestyle, panic attacks, seizures and many more issues, Reiki healing is an all-in-one solution for everything. As more Indians are finding it hard to escape the struggles, Reiki will certainly help to attain your true self. Not many professional Reiki healers are there in India who can handle your day-to-day problems with utmost efficiency. Thus, the Rainbow Miracle is on a mission to educate and heal the citizens of India from all their problems.  

So, get a chance to live your life just the way you want! Book a session with the top reiki healing and counselling service providers and steer yourself to a brighter path.