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Powerful Crystals Which Helps In Maintaining the Chakras

The chakras inside our body are crucial energy centers that must be efficiently maintained or flow freely to experience enlightenment. With seven chakras, any blockage can cause us to feel off differently. Fortunately, crystals can act as powerful components to unblock the chakras. If you want to take control of your chakras and optimize their function, Crystal Healing Services in India can help you confidently achieve that.

Different crystals and stones have different power, which is associated with each chakra and help balance them efficiently. If you want to gain some knowledge about it, here are some powerful crystals that help maintain your chakras while keeping you focused, calm, and confident.

Powerful Crystals Help Maintain the Chakras


Carnelian exudes warmth and has a fire brightness about it that radiates vitality. Carnelian was revered as a fertility stone in antiquity and had close ties to the goddess Isis. Carnelian can bring out the best in you by balancing and developing your sacral chakra. Whether it’s igniting your creative spark, boosting your confidence, or cranking up the heat in the bedroom, Carnelian ensures that you thrive with self-assurance and vitality.


The mineral pyrite, an iron sulfide crystal, can be found in various shapes and groups. Pyrite can strengthen the Third Chakra that is the solar plexus chakra, giving one more energy and aiding in completing complex tasks. It can support you in acting assertively and strengthen your resolve to break bad habits or unfavorable patterns.

Snowflake obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is one of those beautiful grounding stones that keep you anchored and spiritually solid since it was born from fire and chilled with the kiss of time. Although it is stated that this gem brings emotions to the surface, this is precisely what you need to process your thoughts and stand in your authority.

It creates order out of chaos, heals previous karmic wounds, and aids in dissolving stale mental patterns so you can advance. This makes it possible to purge the sacral chakra of resentment, harmful ideas, and any weight that maintains these blockages.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a mighty stone that exhibits a deep sense of care and nurturing, enabling it to thoroughly cleanse your sacral and root chakras. The stone possesses a vigorous and dynamic energy reminiscent of a warm and intense fire that helps to enhance your motivation and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Its remarkable ability to instill self-assurance and inner strength empowers you to take charge of your life with confidence and determination. Red Jasper is the stone of endurance that can help you achieve anything. Your vitality increases, you are connected to your inner power, and the Red Jasper stone may stir your passion.

These are some of the most potent crystals that help maintain your chakras. To learn more about the chakras and their associated crystals, please consult India’s best Online Reiki Healer.