Which Is Better For Your Mental Health Problems: Psychotherapy, Counselling Or Distance Reiki Healing?

Suffering from immense anxiety, depression or stress? Is your mind extremely agitated and disturbed most of the times? Then, taking assistance of a Reiki practitioner can be an effective solution to alleviate your mental health problems that take a toll on you. Irrespective of the fact that you’re going through psychotherapy or counselling, Reiki therapy is something you can opt for anytime to get relief from depression, anxiety and other emotional crises. Seek the support of a compassionate Reiki grandmaster in India to go through relaxing distance Reiki healing sessions to uplift your body, mind and spirit.


psychotherapy, counselling or distance Reiki healing

How Reiki works in curing mental distresses?

First introduced by Mikao Usui of Japan, Reiki therapy has been found to be a wonderfully useful solution to treat a troubled mind without any medication. And this healing modality is still evidently popular in modern times with the channeling of universal life force by an expert Reiki practitioner from a distance being a phenomenally curative concept to soothe your emotional turbulence. Whether it’s tremendous anxiousness, hopelessness, desolate feelings of a depressed mind, chronic stress or some other mental conflict, the injection of positive vibrations through this energy-healing technique can be a miraculous means to reduce negative emotions. Research reveals that Reiki has been shown to offer patients relief from depression within 28 days of the treatment. Amazing, right?

Reiki not only helps in calming the mind significantly but also removes stress from the whole body by relaxing your muscles so that you feel light and sublime. What’s important to note is that Reiki can enable you to process the traumatic events that possibly triggered your depression, insomnia, eating disorder or any other mental issue in the first place. Also, this energy-healing method promotes the natural healing ability of your body by allowing your inner life energy to flow through you freely.

We must mention that today many psychotherapists have found Reiki to resonate closely with cognitive behavior therapy as both these treatments allow patients to release their burden of anger, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and other manifestations of mental health illnesses gradually. A good Reiki healer will assist you to become more grounded and present in yourself to get rid of tempestuous thoughts and sinking feelings that arise due to common mental disorders.

Still wondering if distance Reiki will be a dependable option to heal your heavy mind? Well, it’s worthwhile to highlight that Reiki is one of the safest healing strategies with therapeutic benefits out there that will not only cleanse you internally but also elevate your mood. You can count on this incredibly soothing process of imbibing of “ki” or divine life force within you while getting rid of your negative vibrations to cure intense depression, uncontrolled stress and other mental conditions that prevent you from enjoying life.

Do seek counsel of an experienced and empathetic Reiki practitioner of an accomplished energy-healing institute to go through distance Reiki mental health healing to effectively overcome stress, anxiety, out-of-control resentment, depression and other mind-related ailments to embrace inner peace and stability! A happy life awaits you so why not let Reiki do its magic of helping you achieve it quicker!