Best Ways to Control Over-Thinking !!

The human mind is very complex, you cannot rest it for a second. Even when you sleep, your subconscious mind tends to keep working, and you end up dreaming. But do you sometimes feel like over-obsessing or overly thinking about something or certain situations? Well, overthinking may have started as an innocent act. But as the days passed, it became more of a habit even without your realisation. Overthinking has become more of an epidemic and no one is talking about it. Around 73% of adults who fall between the age of 25 to 35 and 52% of the 45 to 55 years old are recorded as over-thinkers. 

control over thinking

One thing people confused with overthinking is self-reflection. To be specific, self-reflection is categorised as healthy thinking. You gain a new perspective that doesn’t push you to depression. In fact, it has a purpose. But overthinking is far different. It has a crippling effect on your mental as well as physical health.

Critical Points to Know that You Are an Over-thinker

Now, how will you identify yourself as an over-thinker? Well answer these following questions and you will know

  • Does an embarrassing moment keep playing in your head repeatedly?
  • Questions with a lot of “What If” run in your mind
  • Your brain won’t shut when you are trying to sleep
  • Interpreting the hidden meaning of the people’s words
  • Always worried about possible mishaps
  • Stop being aware of what’s going around surroundings and focusing more on self-thoughts
  • No control over what you think or do

These are some common struggles that an over-thinker has to suffer from.

The process of snatching your energy and producing extreme thoughts and emotions makes your life miserable.

So how does overthinking ruin your physical as well as mental health?

  • Firstly, you become full of anger, resentment, aggression, depression, anxiety and also has Emotional absenteeism
  • You stumble to make decisions even during the crisis. The problem-solving capabilities will fade away gradually
  • Lack of concentration and having repetitive thoughts block your mind
  • Your body will suffer due to a lack of sleep. This directly affects your appetite. One may either overeat or stop eating
  • Self-confidence will reach the bare minimum and you will be clouded with self-doubt
  • Your brain cells will get exhausted. Thus, you will fail to have creative insights
  • Most importantly, it affects your personal life. Your daily routine will be a mess and your relationships will be put to the ultimate test

Looking for solutions? Here are some pro tips:

  • For coming out of the repetitive pattern, you need to evaluate the thinking pattern
  • Find a source of distraction. Like get engaged in activities, talk to people and do things that will not keep your mind empty
  • Assess and identify the trigger points. Once you have understood it, try to prevent it
  • Make yourself believe that everything is happening for a reason
  • Start journaling your emotions and thoughts. This will take some weight off your chest
  • Start deep breathing. With this, all your focus will be shifted to the breathing process and your mind will get diverted
  • Finally, professional help is the ultimate solution. You can always consult licensed professionals or take the aid of energy healing. The Rainbow Miracle is a leading professional that will help you with your overthinking problems. You come up with your problem and we will offer customised solutions. There is no trial and error, but only perfection.

Overthinking has become one of the major reasons that contribute to depression and anxiety. So, let’s work together to bring harmony to everyone’s life.