Does Distance Reiki Healing Really Work?

Our chi, qui, or prana, as the life forces of energy are called in Japanese, flow through every human being. According to Reiki circles and methodologies, it is strongly believed that every person on the earth is connected, we are all made of energy that can be transmitted and made to travel through time and space. This is the basic principle behind practicing distance Reiki. This can help in linking and channelizing the Reiki energy to people who are not physically present or if some healing is required to be done to a person’s past.

Distance Reiki healing
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Distance healing through Reiki can sound weird, and you have the liberty to feel skeptical about it, but there are records of people experiencing Reiki benefits and healing processes across space through this method. The benefits of Reiki like empowerment, relaxation, mindful healing, spiritual healing, and physical healing as well as clearing of financial and other blockages that prevent you from experiencing life and its perks to the fullest. The first and foremost thing required to live life to the fullest is to practice Reiki healing as it is proven to be beneficial in all aspects of life and being.

How Does a Distance Reiki Session Work?

The healer can use a photograph of the concerned person or connect with him/her/them over a phone call, and use a healing crystal to perform the procedure. It is mandatory to receive permission from the concerned individual regarding the practice of distance Reiki. It can be performed anywhere at any time, there are no temporal or geographical boundaries to Reiki. This is the main factor that makes distance Reiki a feasible feature of the same. Some healers might not believe in using these materials in order to perform the procedure, they believe just directing thoughts and energy to the concerned person can work equally effectively.

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Why Distance Reiki?

Following the ancient Hermetic Law of Similarity that says that we all are connected through energy because we are all made of the same, Reiki healing can be practiced across space and time. The energy of the recipient is linked with the energy of the healer and thus, the healing process begins. This can help remove blockages from someone’s past, mind, body, financial conditions, and more, but, it is needless for the person to be physically present in front of the healer.

One of the most renowned and effective places to avail Reiki healing excels in providing counseling sessions to people who are in need. Be it depression, anxiety, stress or anything else at all that is related to your mental, physical and spiritual health, Reiki can come in useful to energize yourself and tackle all the issues with a calm and composed mind. You get the right guidance and guess what, you get to keep lots of changes in your pocket. So book your therapy, or counseling, or meditation sessions right now and open the eyes of your mind to a more beautiful world!

Benefits of Distance Reiki

  • Distance Reiki is based on the ancient principle of Hermetic Law of Similarity and healing can done across any distance in space of time.
  • Distance Reiki can be performed without the need of being physically present.
  • Distance Reiki doesn’t involve any kind of medicines or side effects
  • Distance Reiki Healing helps in balancing energy levels and developing spirituality

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