Debunking the Myths About Reiki: A Quick Guide

It is not a surprise that such an ancient technique as Reiki has myths revolving around them. These myths are created and developed through time and word of mouth. We humans have a tendency to raise the adventure level of a story a notch higher than it already is, or as we received it. So, as these myths grew, they became a part of the notions about Reiki. The term ‘urban myths’ refers to the stories that are made to be believed but in reality, are farce. As Reiki and its concepts are growing, more of these myths are coming up, starting from Reiki can heal bone fractures in one sitting, or it can remove all your woes in a jiffy. These are false, these things are not possible so easily. These misconceptions and myths are required to be unmasked, and the real power of Reiki is explored because most of the world does not even know what Reiki is!

A man practing reiki

Here are a few of the most prominent myths about Reiki that are lies-

  1. It is a religion or a cult– It is not. It is certainly related to spirituality, but it does not endorse the ideologies of forming a cult or a religion. Reiki is for everybody and from everybody, as well all are connected through energy.
  2. It is new age stuff and is pretty complicated– It is not. This is not new age, it is an ancient Japanese technique of healing the spirit, mind, and body. It is neither complicated, learning and practicing Reiki is actually very relaxing and helpful.
  3. Reiki has the power to cure all and everything– No. certainly not. It is a process of healing that requires time and effort for self-improvement. It can clear financial blockages, it can enhance the flow of energy into your body and mind, it can also help you with your relationships and work, but only if you allow it to.
  4. One session of Reiki is enough– This is a stupid conception, Reiki is powerful, but is not magic that it will solve everything in a click. It generally takes three-five sessions for most people to realize the effects of Reiki, very few experience it from the very first time. And others might take even up to ten sessions to realize the benefits.
  5. Divine energy should be free– if you believe in this, then you must think that water is free as well. Sadly, it is not. It takes a lot of effort for a healer to practice Reiki, some people take it up as a part of the profession as well. Divine energy is used in Reiki because that is the predominant form of energy that links us all, with which we all are made. But practicing it or channelizing it is not free, it needs skills and methods that are time and energy-consuming to learn and practice.

Reiki distance healing is related to human consciousness and Quantum physics. Surprised? Not kidding. As Max Planck stated- “everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness”, and our energy fields are a result of the same consciousness of human mind, therefore the basis of working of Reiki is upon telepathic exchange that is achieved through tuning the healer and the receiver in the same frequency. This preparation is important for this method of distance healing to work. No symbols or materials are necessary for this.

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