Postpartum Depression And How Reiki Treatment can Recover Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a mental crisis that tends to develop in new mothers after giving birth to the baby. While child birth often induces powerful positive emotions like joy and excitement, it’s also known to trigger negative feelings. “Baby blues” is a common temporary occurrence among women after giving birth that causes mood fluctuations, anxiety, crying and sleep problems. But some women come down with a more serious mental health issue, termed as Postpartum Depression. It’s quite shocking how 22% of new mothers living in India are victims of postpartum depression. Get in touch with an experienced Reiki specialist to undergo gentle Reiki treatment to recover from postpartum depression gradually.

postpartum depressions

Before we get into the curative effects of Reiki therapy in healing this particular problem, let’s take a look at what causes postpartum depression and who are more prone to developing it.

Physical alterations

Usually, a woman experiences decline in oestrogen and progesterone levels after giving birth. The thyroid gland also reduces production of other hormones after this procedure. This can make a new mother feel tired and wary, leading to feelings of depression quickly.

Emotional changes

Caring for your newborn baby is likely to make you feel tired and overwhelmed as a result of lack of sleep. This can pose problems to your handling of regular tasks and leave you feeling excessively anxious about your ability to care for the little one. You may also struggle with identity crisis, shifting from being an individual to being a mother and feel less attractive.

Who are under higher risk of developing postpartum depression?

Though postpartum depression can affect anyone, there are some women who have more chances of suffering from this condition. Such cases include women already suffering from depression or bipolar disorder; having a family history of depression or previous history of postpartum depression; facing stressful situations; without a trusted support system; having undergone an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, etc. Those who give multiple births to twins and triplets, have difficulty in breast feeding and give birth to a child with health issues are also more at risk of becoming victims of this miserable mental health crisis.

Role of Reiki in helping you cope with postpartum depression

You must know that Reiki is a soothing energy-healing technique which allows the body to heal itself by restoring your entire energy flow and promoting feelings of relaxation. Now, stress is one of the leading factors that contribute to the development of postpartum depression in new mothers. And it’s a proven fact that Reiki treatment is an effective means to alleviate stress and anxiety without intervention of medicines. It has come to light that Reiki plays an important role in reducing fatigue levels which is a common problem for new moms.

Women suffering from postpartum depression tend to feel lonely, disconnected and withdrawn. Also, new mums often feel like they’re losing control of their lives. Thus, booking an appointment and consulting with a Reiki practitioner can enable them to feel more independent and in charge of their lives which might lessen some of the symptoms of this unhappy condition.

So, mood-uplifting Reiki treatment that aids in elevating your inner vibrations by injection of divine universal energy into you can be an immensely helpful strategy to help new mothers feel relaxed and recharged. Such a rejuvenating process is simply perfect to make this kind of sufferers feel physically, mentally and emotionally balanced, making it convenient for them to bond with the child and take good care of their new adorable family member.

It’s a worrying fact that in 13% of Indian women, the symptoms related to postpartum depression remain for even six months or so. Looking for a drug-free solution for postpartum depression? Then, consult with an empathetic spiritual healer to go through therapeutic Reiki technique to reduce signs of postpartum depression and cope with it effectively to regain your inner strength, confidence and cheerful spirit!