How to Choose the Right Crystal for Me?

Wish to combine the energy of crystals to make your Reiki treatment more powerful? Well, it’s quite an interesting observation that the vibrations of different crystals when added to our energy field can affect our own vibrations miraculously to help us become better aligned with our specific goals. Crystal healing is an ancient tradition that started almost 6000 years back when Sumerians in Mesopotamia began to implement it. And now it’s emerged as a highly popular healing trend to secure wellness. It’s quite phenomenal how there’s been a 40% rise in Google search queries for crystal healing over the recent four years, reflecting the dominant belief in people of all age groups in this wondrous technique. Connect with a famous Reiki healer to go through recommended crystal healing procedures to improve the quality of your life and invite ever-lasting happiness and bliss.


Note its magnetic appeal to you

Often, Reiki believers claim that it’s best to let the crystals choose you, meaning that if a particular crystal speaks out to you, you should let your instincts guide you. Are you being strongly drawn to a specific crystal the moment you enter a shop? Feel like that crystal is almost calling your name? When such a remarkable thing happens, we say you buy that crystal without any hesitation as it’s bound to be the right choice for you.


Follow up on books, lists, and reliable suggestions

Looking for crystals for a particular purpose? Then, let us tell you that there are plenty of good books out there to guide you. Check out books like The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall again and other similar books for appropriate guidance on selecting suitable crystals for therapeutic benefits.


Research about mineral and elemental composition of crystals

It’s important to acquire knowledge about the element of various stones to find out which will work effectively for your situation. For instance, if your root chakra needs balancing, Hematite can be the right stone for you as its iron content significantly resonates with our root chakra. Let us also mention that Quartz is known to resonate most with our bodies as it’s mainly composed of silicon dioxide, which forms a major part of our bodies. Rose Quartz comprises manganese which is used for calming down people and Lepidolite is formed of lithium which also plays a crucial role in quietening the minds of users.


Count on your own institution

This is so far one of the most trusted solutions for choosing crystals and we definitely recommend that you use it. Just use your own senses and trust in what your gut tells you to select the perfect crystal. Later, you can always verify your choice by consulting with a good Reiki practitioner.


Consider the color of crystals

Apart from the materials that form the crystals, their color determines the unique energetic vibrations it emits. Learn about the energetic properties of various colors to know precisely about the energetic properties of different crystals. Focus on the color of your crystals while selecting them as colors aid in synchronizing photons of light to facilitate color therapy. Plus, the specific frequencies of different shades in the EMF are known to have an impact on our emotional and physical state.

Remember to match the eye-catching hue of the beautiful stone to the corresponding Chakras within you for fruitful action. Need to work on your Solar Plexus? Then, go for a stone of yellow color as our Solar Plexus is also yellow. Need assistance with your heart? Then, choose a gem in green color.


Be mindful of the current situations in your life that need to be healed

Before you select your crystals for healing, do be certain about the present physical, mental, or spiritual shortcomings in your life that need to be treated. Is it an ailment that you want to be cured? Know what exactly needs to be healed and identify the actual goal of healing. After you obtain this info, you can use your knowledge about the distinct properties of crystals to have a clear idea regarding what kind of stones will aid in clearing the vibrations that you’re trying to change and what crystals will assist in aligning with the vibrations you’re trying to match.

There are in fact, 31 crystals or more that aid in healing. Right from geometric pattern and shape to cut, color, and properties, a lot of factors determine the choice of crystals. Once you’ve chosen your crystals, you should meditate with them to see how their vibrations resonate with yours. Contact an experienced energy healer for professional recommendation and guidance on restorative crystal healing to transform your life magically.