Infertility is a lifestyle Disorder for Both Men and Women: How to Overcome Stress Through Reiki?

Go through this blog to understand how the stressful modern lifestyle leads to infertility and how Reiki can be an effective stressbuster.

Do you know that your hectic day-to-day living can take a toll on your fertility? As per recent estimates provided by WHO, it’s come to light that the overall primary infertility rate in India ranges from 3.9 to 16.8%. When it comes to couples in our country, 10 to 14 percent of them are suffering from infertility issues. Here, we shall talk about the growing rise of infertility in contemporary times due to our fast-paced lifestyle where one doesn’t find much time for relaxation and how the Reiki method can be a good solution to alleviate the stress that comes free with such existence. Open your heart out to an experienced Reiki practitioner to lower your stress levels and attain mental peace by undergoing this wonderful energy-healing therapy.

Overcome Stress Through Reiki

Understanding infertility as the main lifestyle problem for men and women

Apart from the usual stress you experience frequently, poor lifestyle choices can affect your fertility adversely. Let’s take a look at how reckless habits can put your fertility in danger.


It’s been proven that smoking cigarettes can decrease fertility in both men and women. Ladies who smoke face much more difficulty in conceiving than those who don’t. And in men, smoking tends to harden their arteries and causes atherosclerosis. This way, smoking can limit the flow of blood to the penis, contributing to male impotence and infertility.

Excessive drinking and substance abuse

Do you know that marijuana smoking can trigger infertility? Smoking weed has been found to develop abnormally formed sperm in men. Heavy drinking is also responsible for reducing a man’s sperm count. Studies reveal that too much alcohol can hamper women’s fertility too.

Excess weight gain

Obesity has been a recurrent cause of infertility in women as it induces PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Women who’re overweight may tend to develop infertility, even if they don’t have PCOS. This is due to the fact that extra fat tissues disrupt ovulation, resisting insulin and increasing inflammation. Obese men suffer from infertility problems too as they’re likely to have decreased sperm counts and much lower sperm motility. This usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance and very high body temperature as a result of obesity.

Exposure to heat

Heat exposure can be a cause of male infertility as a man’s testicles need to be at least 4 degrees cooler than normal body temperature to produce healthy sperm. Staying in a hot tub for too long, placing a laptop on lap, cycling, wearing tight clothes and having physiological issues can level up the temperature of the testicles. Obesity can be a cause too as a fat layer around the scrotum will warm up the testicles further.

How to overcome stress with the help of Reiki?

Now, indulging in harmful lifestyle patterns may be a temporary means of stress relief but such practices ultimately disrupt the normal functioning of hormones and increase stress in your system. So, along with inviting healthy lifestyle choices, going through the channelling of positive energy within you can be an excellent solution to quieten your body and mind, reducing your need to drink, smoke or engage in other activities linked with infertility. Cleansing your chakras and experiencing holistic wellness through Reiki can be a trusted option to elevate your body, mind and spirit to de-stress yourself completely and make you feel relaxed. You can count on this miraculous energy-healing strategy to soothe your system and keep your reproductive system healthy. Thus, Reiki can be a therapeutic means to combat stress that when coupled with improvement in your lifestyle can prevent infertility.

Research points out that 40 to 50% of women in India suffer from infertility and 20 to 30% of men face this problem which suggests how this is a trend arousing concern. Make an appointment with a sensible spiritual healer, belonging to a well-known Reiki institute to experience this curative remedy to safeguard yourself from constant stress and say no to infertility for a happy future.