Childhood Trauma and Its Treatment by Energy Healing

Modern psychology points out that most of our self-doubts, fears and insecure feelings are linked to traumatic childhood experiences. Looking for a means to deal with this problem? Reiki can be a therapeutic natural therapy to heal childhood trauma by reprogramming your subconscious mind and allowing you to release suppressed emotions related to this matter. So, Reiki, sometimes combined with hypnosis, is a reliable remedy to bring your unresolved childhood issues to consciousness for letting go of them gradually. In an interview conducted by a National Child Development group, among 12447 children talked to, more than half that’s around 53% reported experiencing child abuse or sexual abuse and this is highly alarming.

Childhood trauma treatment

Consult with an experienced spiritual healer to undergo energy-healing by placing hand or from distance to get relief from childhood trauma. Keep reading to find out how your childhood traumas can disturb your life and how you can get over them with the aid of Reiki energy-healing.

Understanding the dormant inner child in us

We all have a child within us as a result of the good and bad experiences we face prior to puberty. Now the problem is that most of us have been exposed to some kind of neglect, pain or trauma as a child that haunts our subconscious mind, even if we try to focus on the happy memories. Such incidents can be major tragic events like a family separation, bullying, sexual abuse, etc or some minor negative event in our childhood.

Say, you wanted to take part in an art competition when you were small but your parents didn’t allow it as they wanted you to concentrate wholly on preparing for an upcoming test. Maybe you didn’t get a scope to show how disappointed you were that time but perhaps, you still hold onto that sinking feeling that the ones you trusted most didn’t support you. Such little yet significant incidents can make someone develop trust issues with their parents and with everyone around them. The emotionally wounded inner child can have control over the way you think, react and act as an adult without you even realizing it.

Such childhood hurts, whether the situations were big or small, need to be healed for you to live happily. If you don’t address these problems, you’ll tend to carry them inside you while growing up. And this can trigger severe behavioral issues like inclination towards self-harm, passive-aggressive responses and low self-esteem. Right from trust issues and relationship problems to lack of self-belief and confidence, you can have a lot of difficulties due to repressed childhood wounds. So, bringing such events to consciousness with the help of Reiki and releasing them is an effective means to soothe your inner child and achieve mental harmony.

Role of Reiki in healing childhood trauma: How it works?

A Reiki practitioner usually excels in injecting universal life force within those undergoing this procedure to boost vibrations in the mind, body and spirit. So, if you go through this art of energy-healing, it’s sure to relax your system and reduce fear and anxiety.

Once you attain the theta state of mind during a Reiki session, a good healer will guide you to bring forward to consciousness whatever hidden negative emotions you possess in association with a childhood trauma. Reiki can help you remove low energy blocks and encourage the flow of positive energy in its place to incorporate healing. This makes it a recuperative method to gently release those turbulent emotions that are trapped as your cellular memory.

As Reiki induces inner peace, calmness and stability, it heals both your mind and body as well as uplifts your entire being. Thus, you can undergo this rejuvenating complimentary process to recover from childhood trauma and obtain mental wellness.

Stats reveal that at least 13% of children usually experience 4 or higher number of traumatic events till they reach age nine. Get in touch with a compassionate Reiki practitioner to participate in life-changing Reiki method to resolve your internal childhood issues and cure all damages inside to embrace a stable and satisfactory life!

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