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Rich & Classic Tarot Card Symbols and Their Understanding

Have you ever met a tarot card reader and they are talking about the pentacle or the five of wands, and it all resembles alien knowledge? Whether exploring the tarot deck or visiting the best tarot reader in India, learning about all these symbols and their meaning can be helpful. This blog discusses a few common symbols which you will encounter in most tarot card readings.

Importance of Symbols in Tarot

Before you learn about these symbols, you must understand their pivotal role in tarot cards. They serve as access points to one’s subconscious mind and communicate relevant messages. Symbols in rich and detailed form embellish every tarot card, retaining meaning in multiple layers and empowering the reader to enter the entire unconscious. The tarot cards guide your self-discovery process, arousing an individual’s intuition.

Top Tarot Card Symbols You Should Know

Compared with the card game suits, the tarot deck comprises the common symbols – cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. So, when you visit the best tarot card reader in India, understanding the meaning behind these symbols at length will offer clarity.

Suits of Cups Associated With Water: Standing for the emotion element, one can translate the cups card as feelings regarding oneself, the family, relationships, and love. Since water has a peaceful side, a cups card can symbolize tranquility, psychic ability, creativity, peace, and flow.
However, when the waters are unstable, they can take a destructive turn and invite a tsunami. Hence, this suit can represent insecure emotions, daydreaming, rejecting facts and logic, and being out of touch with reality.

Suits of Wands Associated With Fire: Equivalent to Harry Potter’s wand, which extends all the energy, fire, and power, the suit of wands symbolizes action. Passion, inspiration, and spirituality are a few of its attributes.

Similar to fire, wands can be erratic and unstable. Hence, this card during a session with your best tarot card reader in India can be unsettling. However, you must know that while wildfire can be destructive, reckless, and volatile, fire in controlled conditions can also represent tranquility, light, and warmth.

Suits of Pentacles Associated With Earth: It is generally a blissful incident to encounter the suits of pentacles in your tarot card reading as they represent resilience and foundation. The pentacle indicated dependability and solidity about your surroundings associated with the natural element earth. These include physical bodies, finances, and the feeling of security.

While the pentacle is conceivably in your favor, it also has an unstable facet like other decks. Hence, it also symbolizes untrustworthiness, lack, catastrophic, anxious, and insecure feelings, carelessness, and insufficiency.

Suits of Swords Associated With Air: During the readings with the best tarot reader in India near me, you may come across the suits of swords. To remember its element, remember how the sword makes the sound as it cuts through the air upon wielding. Hence, the sword’s message is also clear, sharp, fast, and piercing.

While this powerful weapon radiates power, fairness, discipline, wisdom, and clarity, it reveals a furious side leading to destruction, wrecking everything in its way. Hence, it represents coldness, conflict, aggression, confusion, and volatility.


While it is impossible to learn everything all at once regarding tarot, the above symbols and their meanings will enlighten you to a limit. While learning about them may not be as exciting, watching the tarot cards unfold during a reading will be astonishing and insightful.