What Is Money Reiki? – What Do You Need to Know About It!

It is a given fact that the world nowadays revolves around money. Having money in your hands can bring a lot of joy but earning the same can put you through a lot of jeopardy and it requires a tremendous amount of hard work. You need to commit yourself to making money while balancing all other life situations. And sometimes when it gets all messed up, you need to look for ways of handling the circumstances smartly. But it takes a toll on you, so it is very crucial for you to wrap up your head in the most positive manner. This is where Money Reiki comes into assistance.

money reiki

How Money Reiki Helps to Remove All Kinds of Financial Blockages

Let this be made clear that money reiki is not a scheme to get rich easily. It is a practice to remove all the negativity that revolves around money. It helps you manage the financial situations well, at the same time ensuring that your monetary energy blockages are done away with. It includes a persistent process of energy healing so that you can overcome all your financial woes with proper practice and dedication. There are seven symbols that you must know –

  1. Dollar
  2. Euro
  3. Affirmation
  4. Clearing
  5. Golden pyramid
  6. Manifestation
  7. Grandmaster

All these symbols have different roles to play and different applications to practice with. Financial blessing plays a huge role in recent times. So Money Reiki healing empowers you and enables you to wipe off all the negativity revolving around money matters, thereby uplifting the financial energy in your life.

What Are The Benefits?

Money Reiki aids you in having a proper financial balance in your life that is mandatory in the current scenario. Given the age of pandemics and several other social issues that affect the mental health and the monetary health of everyone living.

  1. The symbols help you deal with negative thought patterns.
  2. It brings about changes in how you handled money
  3. It boosts your confidence and replaces limited beliefs with limitless possibilities
  4. It empowers you, taking you away from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking

There Are Three Levels of Money Reiki –

  1. Practitioner – This is the first level of Money Reiki where you tune yourself to the various symbols and practices regarding improving your condition.
  2. Master – This level enables you to use money reiki on yourself and your clients, and also perform perfect cleaning and healing processes.
  3. Grandmaster– Money, abundance and prosperity takes a front seat in this level and this is the most powerful level of money reiki.

Practising Money Reiki can bring about immense happiness and positivity in your life.  It ensures you develop a feeling of gratitude for having as much money as you have, and, therefore, helping you grow more financially by keeping a cool mind and satisfied soul. Negativities in life must be eradicated in every possible way as it stunts your overall development as a human being. As your personality and attitude around money changes, there is an automatic increase of money flow. So, if you are willing to lead a life of abundance and prosperity, you must practice money reiki for yourself and all your loved ones!